"BIZ MIX & MINGLE" - Features

Featuring all the businesses who were present at the business event: 04/19/2018


DOODY DEFENSE | Adam & Alisha Johnson | 480.939.9148  | Facebook Page

CAURUS ACADEMY | Dameon Blair - Director/Principal | Heather Campbell - Vice Principal | 623.551.5083 | Facebook Page 


Anthem Neighborhood Watch | Teresa Pierson - Committee Chair | 623.533.2226 

Anthem Neighborhood Watch | Scott Marks - First Vice Chair | 248.894.3575

Anthem Travel, LLC. | Megan Austin - Owner/Travel Consultant | 800.624.2604

Anthem Travel, LLC. | Deborah Sammon - Travel Agent/Sandals Specialist | 623.444.5406 (agency) or 516.457.1621 (direct) 

Arizona Pain Relief | Dr. Brock Johansen | 623.207.9216

Arizona Pain Relief | Julie Osgood - Nurse Practioner | 602.234.2611

Auto Spa of Arizona  (Autos, Boats, RV's, Motorcycles and more) | Jay Frank - Owner | 623.293.2911 

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services | Jenna Carter - Realtor® - Arizona Properties | 480.216.7445

Camille Bolonas | Photography & Videography | 480.532.0265

C & R Tire | Lonnie Oliver - Store Manager | 623.551.6255

C & R Tire | Kyle Lutman- Sales Advisor | 623.551.6255

Dot Dot Smile | Sara Garcia - Independent Merchandiser | Facebook Page

Elevated Metal | Douglas Carter - Owner | 480.710.9139

Isagenix | Elaine M. Sanchez - Health & Wellness Coach | 602.284.3034

Merrill Gardens - Senior Living | Martha Thompson - Community Relations Director | 623.565.9887

MVP Rings | Perry & MJ Mastrangelo - Owners | FaceBook Page 

MVP Shooter's Den | Perry & MJ Mastrangelo - Owners | FaceBook Page

Pinnacle Peak Tax & Accounting Group LLC (small business specialists) | Sheryl Sullivan | 480.818.0461

Realty One Group | Kevin Gorley - Realtor® | 480.734.7942

Pemfvitality | Camille Wright - Certified Health Consultant/Swiss Bionic Solutions | 480.580.8988

Pemfvitality | Rich Rogers - Certified Health Consultant/Swiss Bionic Solutions | 408.205.9168

Royal Twist Cheer & Tumbling | Marissa Johnson - Owner / Linda Drennen | 623.551.2780

Salon Esprit | Donna Immordinao - Stylist | 267.980.3288 

James O'Kane | Stoneleigh Companies, LLC | 480.500.8340 

TLC HomeWatch - Professional Home Watching Concierge Services | Michael Caplin - Owner | 623.792.8607

Proskill Plumbing Heating & Air | Travis Ringe, Tyler Ringe - Owners | 623.551.PIPE (7473) 

Rayne of the North Valley | David Newham | 623.551.5952 | daveraynewater@gmail.com

Sophia Rachelle Designs | Interior Design Consultant | Facebook Page

SVN | RealStar Advisors - Commercial Real Estate | Chip Kloppenburg | 585.749.9992 

SVN | Desert Commercial Advisors - Commercial Real Estate | Melissa Swader | 480-425-5501 | melissa.swader@svn.com

Upcoming Business Mixer

The next "Biz Mix & Mingle" business event will be held in July 2018. The location is still not yet determined, however if you are a restaurant owner and would like to host any of the upcoming business events, please send an email to anthemazcommunity@gmail.com 

This is an exclusive event for members on our Community Facebook group so please be sure to click the event link when it is posted to the Facebook group of Calendar Events and select that you are "GOING" - you will be contacted shortly after your confirmation.  

*Business Feature - "Bix Mix & Mingle" 11/17'

These MVP’s Bring the Local Community “Bling & Bang!”

Perry and MJ Mastrangelo are locals right here in Anthem, but you can find them set up all over the valley promoting two of their businesses. For over six years, Perry has been operating MVP Shooter’s Den while MJ has been overseeing business at MVP Rings with Perry.


The Mastrangelo’s were guests of the “Biz Mix & Mingle” business event (see below photos) held in Anthem. Their business exhibit featured beautiful, durable TUNGSTEN CARBIDE rings, along with an assortment of school class rings and more. From polished black two-tone brushed diamond engraved rings to the Brush matte rose gold, with polished edge, there were many pieces to envy. You can find their exhibit set up at a variety of different trade shows in the valley, including the Arizona Bridal Show at the Phoenix Convention center. They have also appeared at the Anthem Golf & Country Club Bridal Show as well. But let’s not forget to mention, they can also accommodate special custom requests. You must check out their Facebook Page to see a variety of different Tungsten Carbide rings they do carry. If the “Bling” wasn’t enough, check out the “Bang” every gun owner would appreciate.

MVP Shooter’s Den was featured in the 2017 “Real Talk” Blog, “Annie Get Your Gun” – Firearm Training & Gun Safety. Mastrangelo had no experience in firearms training but in 2007 began training with the Phoenix Police Department. After gaining the confidence that comes with professional training, Perry developed a passion and respect of firearms in general. Mastrangelo would spend time finding deals on used ammunition and firearm accessories and eventually started a Facebook page to reach out and share those deals with others. Fast forward many years later, MVP Shooter’s Den is where you can go to shop firearms accessory deals and more.  “I have trained at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy in South Mountain, the Scottsdale Gun Club, and Ben Avery Shooting Facility,” said Mastrangelo. 

You can find MVP Shooter’s Den wherever there is foot traffic. Often seen under the 10 x 10 canopy with his iconic company logo, his customers gather to purchase the latest in quality extended magazines, rail accessories and more. He aims to provide merchandise to his customers where it is most appreciated. With Ben Avery Shooting Range nearby and the open desert just north of Anthem, avid range shooter’s can spend time perfecting their firearm training without breaking the bank.  Perry relies on building great relationships with his customers so he keeps everyone informed and can be contacted directly from his Facebook page. Paraphrasing one of Perry’s favorite quotes, “The gun has been called the great equalizer, meaning that a small person with a gun is equal to a large person, but it is a great equalizer in another way too,” said Ronald Reagan. 

Contact Information


Facebook Link - MVP Rings

Facebook Link - MVP Shooter's Den

If you have any questions for Perry or MJ, please email them directly at:  mvpshootersden@gmail.com

**Business Feature - "Biz Mix & Mingle" 11/17'

Founder of BBQ Grill Grip Handle Is Featured in Rachel Ray Magazine

Sometimes the best product ideas come from your own experiences. This is exactly how MTTP, LLC was created in 2013. The Grill Grip handle was created by founder, Patrick Radosevich who lives right here in the Tramonto area.  "I took the grill cover off the grill and went to lift the grill and burned my hand," said Radosevich.  After reading a registered instant thermometer reading of 136 degrees, the Grill Grip handle concept soon followed. Radosevich started to compare steering wheel covers to the same type of protection from heat exposure and with no luck on finding anything on the internet, he continued to pursue his search with local retailers to find product.  With no luck in the big box stores, his pursuit to find a local manufacturer was in full motion.

Shortly after, the first prototype of its kind was developed with a manufacturer right here in Phoenix, AZ. Without hesitation Founder, Radosevich contacted a patent attorney to start the patent process, and the rest as they say is history.  "I am proud to have my Grill Grips made in the USA, especially in Phoenix," said Radosevich.  The product itself has been trending over the last 4 years.  The company has made appearances at Anthem Days in 2014, the Arizona BBQ Festival at the Talk Sticking Fields in 2015.  Patrick and his wife, Michele also teamed up Brix Wines in Carefree, AZ. for an interactive outside BBQ Burger Challenge to raise money for a 5013C non-profit organization Pepped Up, for hospitalized children.  The burger challenge also had a panel of judges from executive chefs from all over the valley judging the best Burger recipe, including guest Carefree Mayor at the time, David Schwann.  

The product was also featured on 'Restaurant Live Radio Show' with host Joanie Simon and 'In The Kitchen' with Jan D'Atri Radio Show. Grill Grip was recently featured in the October 2017 issue of the Rachel Ray Magazine and will also be featured in the upcoming December issue of Cooking Light Magazine.  And if air time was not enough, they have also been recognized in the Arizona Republic and locally owned newspaper, The Foothills Focus. 

So why is it trending? The product itself is the only protective grill handle cover available to outdoor chefs. The Grill Grip was designed specifically to prevent burns from overheated grill handles, and has evolved into one of the most stylish custom grill accessories available.  When a grill handle is too hot, the Grill Grip is the answer. The specially designed rubber sleeve fits securely on the grill handle, and is covered by a durable, washable neoprene cover. We knew that our Grill Grip design made reaching for even the hottest grill handle safe, but we wanted more.  Not everyone’s grill handle is too hot, so the Grill Grip became more than just protection. They designed the Grill Grip’s neoprene sleeve to add color and flair to any grill. Our customers have been adding fun to their outdoor get-together's and personalized gift-giving ever since.  Some of the custom covers read, "Grill Master" "King of the Grill" "The Grill Next Door" to name a few, but any consumer can make it their own. These custom gifts are unique and one of a kind. 

MTTP, LLC. also has a variety of different products online but one of most memorable moment was when Amazon reached out to the founder directly out of the blue because they were interested in carrying the Grill Grips on Amazon's  e-commerce platform.  Clients include, Sheraton Desert Oasis Resort and Scottsdale Links Resorts in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as Puunoa Beach Estates in Lahina Maui. There are many more condo projects and luxury apartment complexes that carry the product throughout the United States.

In 2018, they are expanding the product line and will be working on developing more commercial use applications for their Grill Grips and My Walker Grips, designed for Senior Care Living Facilities. 

With the holidays coming up, make sure you check out all the different products and gift ideas available.  Make them your own and surprise your family and friends with their very own.  The Grill Grip was recently featured as one of the business exhibitors at the "Biz Mix & Mingle" eventat Giant Rustic Pizza in November. Check out some of their items below. 

Contact Us - Order Your Gifts

If you are interested in ordering your Grill Grill handle of any of their other awesome products, please visit their website at:


You can also visit their Facebook Page and check out all their awesome adventures and grill recipes. 

Grill Grip


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Business Directory

Local Organizations - Information updated daily

*Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce  

3701 W Anthem Way #202-1, Anthem, AZ 85086

(623) 322-9127

*Anthem Pets | Emergency Pet Hotline: 480-287-3542 | www.anthempets.org

*Daisy Mountain Veterans |  3655 W. Anthem Way, Suite A109 334 | www.daisymtnvets.org

*Musical Theatre of Anthem   

42323 N Vision Way, Phoenix, AZ 85086 | 623-336-6001

*Swip Swap Anthem -Click here | *Swip~Swap Community Corner - Click here

Services - adding daily

*Rhapsody School of Music (arts)

3668 W. Anthem Way, Ste. B-142 | Anthem, AZ 85086 | 623-465-7060

*Peak Auto Detailing (auto detailing)

Matt Adams | 310-927-4432

*C & R Tire (auto/repair)

42215 N. Vision Way | Anthem, AZ 85086 | 623-925-9500

*Full Throttle Automotive Repair LLC (auto/repair)

Kaitlynn Blanchard | 602-501-5767

*Meineke-Econo Lube N' Tune & Brakes (auto/repair)

42410 N. Vision Way | Anthem, AZ 85086 | 623-551-0033

*Kannaway Distributor (Beauty - healing CBD oils & weight loss)

Heather Eden Reznicek | 624-556-3606

*Lips and Lashes by Lisa (Beauty)

Lisa | Anthem, AZ | 623-694-2049

*Willing Beauty  (Beauty/Skin Care)

Erica Scott Meeks | 615-653-3852

*Young Living Essential Oils (Beauty/Skin Care)

Rosaling and Eric Tyner | 937-239-0354

*Tutor Time Child Care & Learning Center (child care)

3720 W. Anthem Way | Anthem AZ | 623-465-8644

*Anthem Electric LLC (commerical & residential services)


*Appliance Pros (commercial & residential services)

39506 N. Daisy Mountain Dr., Ste. 122-238 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 602-501-5501

*Aquatic Solutions (residential pool services)

Glenn Calabrese | 602-881-0353

*Austin-Morgan Closets (commercial & residential services)

Gillian Morgan, Cliff Niethe | 623-986-0644

*AYS Garage Door (residential services)

Nicole Rackley | 623-322-4530

*The Blind Bear (commercial & residential services)

Renee Erwin Davis | 623-537-7223

*Dinos Painting LLC (commercial & residential services) 

3726 W. Links Dr. | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-986-5211

*Clean Lines Staging LLC (commercial /residential services)

Lori Kinsale | home redesign staging | 509-380-8892

*Gringos Landscaping (commercial/residential services)

David Carman | 623-363-2882

*Local Landscaping by John (commercial & residential services)

John Miller | 623-261-5630

*Rise Above Modeling (commercial & residential services)

42302 N. Vision Way, Ste. 111 | Anthem, AZ 860586 | 623-551-2013

*Ron's My Handyman, Who's Yours? (commercial & residential services) 

Ronald Smith | 248-890-6182

*Titan Solar Power (commercial & residential services)

Servicing Anthem & surrounding areas |  Eric Gallaga - 602-799-6066

*SVN | Desert Commercial Advisors (commercial real estate services)


*West USA Realty (residential real estate)

Chris Mahatadse | 623-238-3232

*AZ Jolly Jumpers (entertainment - parties)

Kayla Crow | 623-792-3649

*Magic  Max (entertainment-magic)

Max Premsler | 623-544-2869

*North Valley Escape Room (entertainment)

42302 N. Vision Way, Ste. 101 | Anthem, AZ 85086 | 623-551-3111

*All About Eyes (eye care)

42201 N. 41st Dr., Ste 144 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-9122

*Arizona Eye Care (eye care)

4205 W. Anthem Way, Ste. 101 | Anthem AZ | 623-879-3937

*Freeman Income Tax Service (financial services)

41111 N. Daisy Mountain Dr., Ste 113 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-518-2157

*Royal Twist Cheer & Tumbling (fitness/sports)

42211 W. 41st., Ste A-169 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-229-8975

*Sweat Individualized Fitness (fitness/sports)

3655 W. Anthem Way, Ste. A-129 | Anthem AZ | 623-551-5753

*Angel Pediatrics (health/wellness)

3654 W. Anthem Way, Ste. B-114 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-0442

*Arizona Pain Relief, Anthem (health,pain relief)

Dr. Brock Johansen | 3624 W. Anthem Way, Suite C108 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-207-9216 | www.arizonapainrelief.com

*William Fischo, Podiatrist (health/wellness)

41818 N. Venture Dr., Ste. 110 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-5000

*Andrew Z Diamonds and Fine Jewelry (jewelry)

3655 W. Anthem Way, Ste. C-131 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-6892

*Braidy Jewelers (jewelry)

39504 N. Daisy Mountain Dr., Ste. 108 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-9609

*The Carroll Law Firm (legal services)

42104 N. venture Dr., Ste. A-118 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-9366

*The Rooney Law Firm, PLLC (legal services)

42104 N. Venture Dr., Ste D-126 | Anthem AZ 85086 | 623-551-7942

*Assist Locksmith, LLC (locksmith)

4328 W. Diburyo Dr. | New River AZ 85087 | 602-315-3876

*Bliss By Design (marketing, graphic design)

Aubrey Wilson | 928-275-4137

*Ruby Red Media, LLC - (marketing, graphic design, social media, public relations) 

Melissa Swader | 480-710-0904 | anthemazcommunity@gmail.com

*Socially Synced (marketing - social network) 

Tony Gautier | 623-680-2563 | info@SociallySynced.com

*Applied Hearing Solutions (medical)

Clifford R. Olson, Doctor of Audiology | 623-777-5943

*Kristen Hennke Photography (wedding photographer)

Kristen Hennke | 480-907-8272

*Premier Photography  (Photography)

Patrick Zerarka | 602-653-5104 | Facebook Link

*Alts., Inc. (seamstress/tailoring)

Ro DiCarlo | 623-363-8241

*LBAC Travel Dream Vacation Maker (travel agent)

Patty Westfall, Anthem AZ | 480-789-3643

**Wanna Get Away Travel (travel agency)

Arthy Kumar | 623-202-1146

Business Community

Legends Bar & Grill

Serving Anthem families since 2002. Come in and enjoy great food, private parties, or watch your favorite sports team. (mention this ad)

623-551-9525 | www.legendsanthem.com

Giant Rustic Pizza

Please check out the new Giant Rustic Pizza restaurant located by Fry's. This family owned & operated business is amazing! Hearth Baked Artisan  * Pizza * Pasta *Salads * Sandwiches www.giantrusticpizza.com

Your New Gate

We remove your UGLY wood panels, restore your gate and install vibrant maintenance free, weather resistant composite panels.  Anthem HOA approved colors!  Call us today! 

602-459-6625 or 623-202-7604 or email us at yournewgate@gmail.com

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Appliance Pros

This is a family-owned business over 4 generations. Currently the owners have been operating the company for over 20 years.  Repair all major in-home appliances; all brands and models.  www.ApplianceProsAZ.com

Gold Canyon - Candles & More

Find a candle and scent for every occasion. From Tealights to VoLights to Apple Pie to Carribean Sky.  If you need oil warmers, there are so many options available. Call today to place your orders. (Make great gifts too)

Your NEW Gate

We remove your UGLY wood panels, restore your gate and install vibrant maintenance free, weather resistant composite panels.  Anthem HOA approved colors!  Call us today! 

602-459-6625 or 623-202-7604 or email us at yournewgate@gmail.com

Reflections Body Spa & Tanning

Offer a variety of treatments such as Micro Needling, Laser Hair removal, Photo facial, Microdermabrasion, Sunless Spray, Custom Airbrush Sunless tan, UV tanning, Infrared Sauna, Water massage, LED Red, Blue and Amber light therapy!   

3668 W Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086       623-551-3681  

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Ashs Wood & Home Decor

Ash's Wood and Home Decor comes with a farmhouse style home decor, woodworking and carpentry to make sour spaces so much more.  We offer unique decor pieces, window casing, framed bathroom mirrors, barn doors, shiplap, wood walls and ceilings, furniture, refinishing and more. https://www.facebook.com/asheswoodshop/

Desert Commercial Advisors

Are you a business owner looking for office, retail or industrial space? 

We are a full service commercial real estate firm that can help owners purchase or lease space in Anthem and all over the valley. Call if you would like more information.     480-425-5501

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