About the Website

This website (yes, a simple design) was developed because there is still so much to share about the community that people may not know. This is an unofficial page of Anthem, AZ but designed as a resource for everyone. If you are visiting for the first time, then you are probably a member of the Addicted to Anthemstuff & Community Facebook page. I will continue to update this page because there is always "new" news to share. 

We have approximately 5,200 members on the community Facebook group.  That is incredible growth in a little over two years so please continue to share with others who may enjoy our group. I wanted to express my thanks to all the current members on this community page. You are all amazing because you continually show love & support for each other in the community. I have seen many of you send prayers for those in need, offer help in moving, offer rides, and the list goes on.  That is what makes up a beautiful community. #Anthemlove

Here you will be able to find local business services, local calendar events, and read about the exclusive business event, "Biz Mix & Mingle" hosted by yours truly. Every quarter, the event invite is posted to our Facebook group highlight above.  We welcome all local business and local service providers to join us at our event. We "Communicate to Elevate".   Our next event will be held in July of 2018.  This is an exclusive invite to the members and their guests on the Addicted to Anthemstuff & Community Facebook Page.  Please request to join and check the calendar events for all the details. 

Please check out my blogs. Sometimes my writing is personal and other times, it may be on a specific subject topic. If you have an uplifting story to share or have an idea of a great story to be written about, then please email me. I would love to hear from you and collaborate together. 

And always remember, "Small acts of kindness, when multiplied 

by thousands of people can uplift the community!" ~ Melissa

Updated 06/08/2018

You want to share your photos?

If you have some amazing photos to share that you have taken, please send them to AnthemAZCommunity@gmail.com - I will be happy to post them with your credits.